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10 Life Hacks That You Just Need To Know



1. Just make sure it’s a quality paper towel

This is simply a nice trick to keep your mats clean but make sure that you are using a quality paper towel.


2. How To Watch Videos While Lying Down

Open your favorite video on the VLC media player. Got to tools, effects, and filters. Click Video effects and select “rotate video 90 degrees.”


3. Looks nice and hip too

On seeing this, I admit that you should be intelligent enough to know how to make the best

use of waste things at your home, isn’t it?


4. You will never waste honey again

Pouring honey out of the bottle has always been a challenging task. But if you place the honey bottle in a bowl having hot water, your life will be easy and better.


5. You’ll get the perfect sized cuts for your eating pleasure

This is one of the easiest ways to cut perfect sized watermelon pieces without having any wastage.


6. Nothing too heavy of course

Installing containers on the ceiling can help you save lots of space!


7. Ideal for the young gamer in your house

This Do-It-Yourself play station will surely gonna attract many youngsters!


8. Perfect use of space



9. Perfect for a small apartment

In case you are living in a small apartment and want to add some extra comfort to your daily kitchen tasks, then just follow this simple trick.


10. One-way mirror = gap between reflections. Two-way mirror? No gap.

If you are using any changing room and want to ensure that there should not be any two-way mirror then follow this simple trick. Place your finger on the mirror if you can see any gap between the reflections, then beware you are under surveillance.

Updated: March 11, 2018 — 3:34 am

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