#1. Matis Hunting Trials – Poison In Your Eyes And Sent Off To Hunt

Though Hunting alone is a job that needs precision and instincts that takes a good amount of your time.Even experienced hunters probably don’t need any further obstacles to overcome beyond the challenge of pursuing large, fast animals in their natural habitat.

Even worse, the trial is only completed when the young boys inject themselves with the painful poison of the Giant Leaf Frog via wooden needles. It is only after they complete this, they are said to have attained manhood.

#2.  Matausa Cleansing – Canes Down Your Throat, Then Removed Through Your Nose

To make the young men get rid of their impurity and to instill vitality, people of Matausa tribe stuck two wooden canes down the throats of the young tribesmen until they vomit. From there, the canes are brought back out through their nostrils and their tongues are stabbed until their blood has been deemed sufficiently purified.

#3. Iria Ceremony – The Young Woman Must Sing By The River For Days

Ah, womanhood — that emotional time in life when a girl must end the long-standing romantic relationship she has enjoyed with a water spirit through childhood.The Iria ritual is performed in Okrika tribe of Nigeria to bring an end to the childhood relationship that a young girl strikes up with a water spirit so as to free the young woman for marriage.

#4. Bullet Ant Initiation

It’s been called the most excruciating pain known to man and the most painful insect sting in the world by those unfortunate enough to feel its wrath. the bullet ant’s sting represents a critical component of a tribal tradition in which young boys are forced to wear gloves comprised of these ants with their stingers facing inward.The boys must endure 10 gloved minutes of torture, but the pain can last up to 24 hours beyond the rite.

#5. Sambian Purification

Most of us carry at least some fond memories of the highly influential 10-year stretch of our lives spanning the time that we turn seven to when we reach 17 years of age.Boys born into the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea are taken from their mothers for a decade-long exercise during their foundation years before turning 17, wherein they are kept in male-only isolation. This period typically involves nose bleeding, forced vomiting and defecation as a means of purification. Even worse, the ritual involves semen ingestion, which critics deride as “ritualized homosexuality”.

#6. Vision Quest

Not to be confused with the 80s Matthew Modine flick of the same name, which ironically was a coming-of-age film, the vision quest has been an integral Native tradition for centuries.  The fundamental intent of helping these young men find direction in their lives and develop into grown adults is a valid one, but there is still the small matter of Native elders sending their starving, weak youth into the wild on their own.

#7 Fula Whip Match

Sounding like something pulled from the WWE, a Fula Whip Match represents a young Fula boy’s rather painful initiation into manhood.Fula boys had to perform this coming of age ritual wherein they have to whip their opponent and endure the pain of getting whip without showing a sign of it.

#8 Mandan Okipa Ceremony

This ritual of Mandan Okipa no longer exists. But in this ritual, the young men had to endure four days of sleepless fasting, then voluntarily be pierced by wooden sticks and hung from the ceiling, were expected to smile through the whole ordeal.They would endure four days of sleepless fasting, then voluntarily be pierced by wooden sticks and hung from the ceiling, being expected to smile through the whole ordeal. When they finally awoke after inevitably passing out from the pain, their pinky fingers would be cut off as an offering to the spirits before being recognized as warriors.

#9 Land Divers

Young boys residing on the tiny island nation of Vanuatu would be well-served to get over any potential fears of heights in a hurry.These children dive into adulthood through a form of bungee jumping involving a vine with one end tied to a 98-foot tower and the other secured around their ankles. Boys as young as seven or eight are invited to take part in the tradition, with younger participants jumping off a shorter tower. Still, it’s no picnic to take part in.And it is not all that easy because it can result in broken bones, hyperextension or even death.

#10 Mentawai Teeth Sharpening

Western society is hardly the only cultural collective that is consumed by aesthetics and appearance. Even while many Western men and women can take extreme measures in order to live up to cultural ideals of beauty, they can’t compare to the natives of Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands.Mentawai women who have reached puberty will sharpen their teeth with a rock and chisel and file them down. Because beauty means razor sharp fangs, apparently.


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