Prince William Was Completely Sleep Deprived on His Wedding Day

He only had a half-hour sleep before his wedding day as people kept screaming in joy in front of his home all night long.

Queen Elizabeth’s Tiara Broke on the Morning of Her Wedding

The fringe tiara that was given to her during her marriage with Philip, and it broke the morning of her wedding.

 Prince Charles Messed Up His Vows

First of all, Prince Charles messed up his vows, offering to give Diana “thy goods” instead of his “worldly goods.” But the real blunder was made by Princess Diana, keep scrolling to know about it.

Princess Nathalie Forgot Her Bouquet

And this is why she had to wait for as long as 10 minutes before walking down the aisle.

Alfred the Great

Yes, the blunders date back to 800 AD. Alfred likely had Crohn’s disease, so suffice it to say his wedding wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

King Harthacnut Straight Up Died at His Friend’s Wedding

This king is basically responsible for ruining the wedding of Tovi the Proud as he drank too much and suffered a stroke.

Diana Had an Awful Headache All Day

The tiara that she wore on her wedding day left her with an unbearable headache all day long.

 A Horse Freaked Out During William and Kate’s Wedding

A frightened horse from the Household Cavalry could not be pacified even when he was confronted by William and Kate and freaked out tremendously as the couple went to Buckingham Palace.

 Marie Antoinette’s Wedding Dress Was Too Small for Her

It turned out that her dress was made from incorrect measurements and hence was too small for her. It didn’t fit her properly, her shift was even visible from behind

Princes Diana’s Dress Was Completely Wrinkled

It was one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time, but no one anticipated how wrinkled it would get during the carriage ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

 King George IV Was So Drunk at His Wedding He Had to Be Propped Up

This marriage was a big mess since the start, firstly because these two were cousins and secondly, King George was only marrying her because he was in debt, they never have even met before their marriage day.

 Princess Caroline Couldn’t Walk in Her DressqApparently, her dress was so heavy as it was made from velvet, ermine, lace, and silver tissue, which made it difficult for her to even walk

Diana’s Bridesmaid Tripped and Started Crying

The 5-yr-old bridesmaid tripped over her dress and so started crying. This bridesmaid was no other than granddaughter of Winston Churchill.

 Augusta of Saxe-Gotha Vomited All Over Her Mother-in-Law

While walking down the aisle to marry Frederick Prince of Wales, she ended up vomiting all over her wedding dress, and all over her mother-in-law. No one can really blame her, considering she was 17, had just arrived in the country, didn’t speak a word of English, and was marrying some random she’d never met.

 A Pouting Bridesmaid Photobombed William and Kate’s Kiss

But this was really cute.

The Wind Blew Up Lady Charlotte Wellesley’s Veil

The wind caught her veil and lifted it sky high but she didn’t give much of a care and graciously laughed it over.

Diana Forgot Prince Charles’ Name

Even more amazing than Prince Charles messing up his vows was Diana messing up her husband’s name. Instead of referring to him as “Charles Philip,” she called him “Philip Charles Arthur George.


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