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6 Warning Signs That Show Your Liver Is Full of Toxins

6. Liver area pain

The first direct sign that your liver is full of toxins is a pain in that general area. The liver is located on the upper right portion of your abdomen, under your stomach and beneath your diaphragm.When your liver is affected by a disease, it cannot operate efficiently, it swells painfully, and the body sends the signs of toxicity.


5. Gaining weight

This can be an easy sign to notice, especially if you live a healthy and active life. If you exercise on a daily basis and have a healthy diet, weight gain should be a red flag for you.

What happens is the liver cannot deal with all the toxins coming in (alcohol, artificial sweeteners, a high-fat diet, certain medications, etc). The only thing the liver can come up with is to store the unfiltered toxins in fat cells. This mess will not let you lose weight unless you help your body to cleanse the overworked liver.


4. Leg and ankle swelling

The worst thing you can do is ignore your liver issues. If you do this, your liver will be forced to try and repair itself by forming scar tissue. Increased scar tissue makes it extremely tough for the liver to function properly. However, the gravity effect makes the swelling most visible in the lower part of the body.


3. Allergies

In a lot of cases, your liver being overloaded can cause an allergic reaction. The reason is that there are too many substances entering the bloodstream, and the brain will recognize them as allergens. The healthy liver, in its turn, perfectly cleans the blood of all the harmful molecules and eliminates the effect a potential allergen has on the body.


2. Yellow skin and yellow eyes

Unless you were born with yellow eyes and skin, this sign is an immediate red flag that there is something wrong with your liver. Unnatural yellow eyes and skin mean you’re suffering from jaundice.Guess what happens when the liver fails to get rid of bilirubin along with old red blood cells? That’s right. You turn yellow.


1. Chronic fatigue

This is no normal fatigue. If you have been suffering from constant fatigue for at least 6 months, you could be diagnosed with chronic fatigue. The whole reason why you’re chronically fatigued is that your liver has become toxic. So from now on, you should try your best to become friends with green tea, turmeric or lemon water, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Updated: February 11, 2018 — 11:08 am

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