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8 things you should delete from Facebook immediately

1. Delete the mobile app

Why do you need it on your phone? Seriously.

Also, Facebook grabs your location data. Which seems pointless.

The app also drains your battery massively, just by being on your phone.

hat’s a vital information about you which can be used by any hacker or stalker to rob you of your hard-earned potential.

Also it’s got stories now.

2. Children’s Photographs


It can be part of a puzzle of information that is used in identity theft tests.

An important question put forward by Victoria Nash, acting director of the Oxford Internet Institute is really to think upon for parents who post their children photos and information on Facebook.

3. Birthday

We feel joy in declaring our birth date to our friends which includes our name and address but very few know that their bank accounts and personal details can easily be traced using their birth date.

4. Your Child’s Learning Zone

Do you think there is a need to post where your child attends school? That’s a plain invite for a sex offender to cause harm to your young ones.

5.Location Services

What is the need for Facebook to grab your location data? This seems pointless as there are many who like you would be accessing Facebook just to know where a person is at any point of time and you can be stalked.

6.Your location on photo tags

If you tag your location at home, people can see where you live.

This is bad for obvious reasons.

ust remember that whenever you tag your location, you are actually revealing your complete address which is accessible to unknown persons.

7. Credit Card Details

Why would you ever do this? It seems obvious, but don’t.

You know that there is a high risk associated with sharing your card details over the social media.

Think again and remove any such content which leaves you unprotected from unethical resources. Let us know your comments on the same.

8. Workplace

The interactions over the social media platform tend to be relaxed and at times your manager may also access your wall and watch your dodgy status updates.

Updated: March 11, 2018 — 3:40 am

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